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Drying kit repairs

The Global, Global II & Zephyr drying kits have an excellent track record of reliability. When repairs are required, we’ll be there to keep the drying kit in working order!

Please contact us prior to sending the drying kit to us - this is to screen out any issues which can be resolved quickly. If the problem persists, please complete the Drying Kit Repair Form before sending your Global, Global II or Zephyr to us.

If the warranty period has lapsed, we will inform you of the problem and seek authorisation before proceeding with the repairs.


Schedule of fees for repairs at our service centre.
Prices include GST.

Replacement Circuit Board for Global, Global II or Zephyr

AUD 39.95

Replacement UV Tube for Global and Global II

AUD 23.95

Replacement Fan for Global, Global II and Zephyr

AUD 14.95

Replacement Power Supply for Global, Global II and Zephyr

AUD 24.95

Service, return postage & handling fee – applies to all service requests

AUD 27.50


Sending your drying kit to HABEX

Please wrap the drying kit and power supply in at least two layers of bubble wrap before packing into a box to ensure maximum protection during shipping.

Post your drying kit along with the Drying Kit Repair Form to:

Hearing Aid Batteries Express
PO Box 457

A service fee of AUD27.50 (including GST) applies to all repairs and return shipping. Once we have inspected the drying kit we will notify you of the problem and, if applicable, the cost of any replacement parts before returning the drying kit.