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Battery guide

There are four sizes of hearing aid batteries made by several manufacturers – 675, 312, 13 and 10. The dimensions of each battery size comply with international design standards. This guide assists people in identifying the correct battery size and to cross-reference the various manufacturers’ brands.

Click here to download a pdf of our battery size guide.

Actual battery size

To assist people with identifying their battery size, the packaging and peal-off tab has been colour coded. The table below indicates the colour code for each battery size.

Alternatively, print this page out on your printer (without any scaling) and place your battery on the table below to identify your battery size.

Please take care with Size 312 and Size 13 batteries – the diameter is the same but the height is different and it is very easy to confuse these two battery sizes.

Battery size chart

Cross Reference Chart

Any brand can be used in your hearing aid / cochlear implant as long as they are the correct size.

If you have used only one or two brands of hearing aid batteries in the past, please use the table below to see the different battery brands available to you.

Battery cross reference chart

Click here to download a pdf of our battery size guide.