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Our story

David and AlisonThe Hearing Aid Batteries Express story began one evening in 2001. While chatting with friends, we kept hearing stories about the number of times hearing aid users from all walks of life had experienced difficulties in purchasing fresh batteries.  There were stories of batteries in shops which were close to (or past) their use by date, ridiculous overcharging, or having to make an unplanned diversion while on holidays to source replacement batteries at short notice.

We were motivated by a heartfelt desire to make the process of buying batteries for hearing aids and cochlear implants stress-free and convenient.  Hearing aid and cochlear implant users are located all over Australia – from cities to far flung remote areas.  The challenge was to deliver fresh batteries anywhere quickly.

We established Hearing Aid Batteries Express in late 2001 as something of an experiment - to gauge the demand for a mail-order service specifically for hearing aid batteries.

Our business name not only reflected that we deliver hearing aid batteries quickly.  It was also a great way to describe exactly what we do, with no mystery or confusion for our customers, and was a logical and easy tie-in to our website –

After several months of due diligence and developing our systems, materials and website, Hearing Aid Batteries Express first opened its mailbox to the public in May 2002.

Fortunately we live in an age where orders and enquiries can be made using a variety of means to suit individual personal and hearing preferences. At Hearing Aid Batteries Express, customers have many ways to order batteries - by telephone via NRS, fax, email, internet or TTY (teletype telephone).

We operate on two core principles - service and quality.  Not only do we sell hearing aid batteries, we also happily spend time providing assistance and information on the selection and use of hearing aid batteries, especially to those who are new to hearing aids and/or cochlear implants.

To provide a wide range of choices, we stock several brands of hearing aid and cochlear implant batteries.  At Hearing Aid Batteries Express we believe in offering people a choice of brands because no single brand of battery suits all hearing aids or cochlear implants.

Alison and David’s personal and professional experiences place them in a unique position to understand the needs and experiences of hearing aid and cochlear implant users.  They were both born profoundly deaf and each use a hearing aid.  David also uses a cochlear implant.  Alison has worked extensively with people who are deaf and hearing impaired, including representation on State and Federal Disability Councils. She has also worked as a vocational trainer, and is now Mum to their very active and busy seven year old son. David works as a manager in Human Resources for a bank.

Hearing Aid Batteries Express has been regarded as a pioneer in our industry with achievements including:

  • The first mail-order business in Australia to specialise in hearing aid and cochlear implant batteries;
  • The first online store in Australia selling hearing aid and cochlear implant batteries;
  • The first in the world to introduce the Hearing Aid Battery Trial Pack and Cochlear Implant Battery Trial Pack; and
  • The first in Australia to sell Mercury Free hearing aid and cochlear implant batteries.

After ten years, we felt our business image was looking a little dated and in need of a freshen up.  We undertook a review of our operations from top to bottom and, after a year of planning and implementation, we are now ready to launch our fresh new look.  Our biggest change of all is our new name – HABEX – which we feel remains true to our origins, but is also a catchy, easy to remember name to access our services..  The result is a fresh look including a new logo, new website, and new brochures.  Our new HABEX name and logo is easy to remember, shorter to type, and retains a connection to our proud past as Hearing Aid Batteries Express.

To date, Hearing Aid Batteries Express has been recognised as Australia's favourite store for hearing aid and cochlear implant batteries, and has enjoyed years of favourable customer recognition.  As HABEX, we look forward to continuing and improving these traditions and hope you like the changes we have made.

As always, HABEX will continue to serve its customers with the same devotion to service and quality you have come to expect from us.

Ordering is quick and easy!  Batteries are delivered anywhere!

We power your hearing!